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The Sacrific Clan Structure
Sacrificium's Forum - Recruitment EmptyThu Nov 05, 2009 4:34 am by thepiedninny

Welcome to the Sacrific Clan System website. We, the members of Sacrificium and Sacrificate, are honored to have you as a visitor.

We as a Clan system are determined to play a legit game in Combat Arms. We kindly ask you to leave if you hack, glitch, or have possession of hacks.

Once you register, you can:

Click here to apply for to the Sacrific Clan System.

Click here to affiliate yourselves with the Sacrific Clan System.

If you have any questions, Personal Message (PM) an admin. The admins include Thepiedninny, Periphetes, BADPhildo, antiC4MP, m3ds, Coco-LocoRoco, and Vkyrin.

Add any of us in-game if you would like to play or learn to know us more

Sacrificium and Sacrificiate

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